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Cheryl Biography

 CEO of Soldiers for Change Mother Wife Actor Dancer and now Radio Personality host of  show entitled "Cheryl Taylor Show."

Cheryl was the oldest of four children born and raised in Trinidad & Tobago in 1970 attended high school and graduated in 1985.  In 1987 she migrated to the United States to further her education and pursue her yearning passion for dance & theater Cheryl spent most of her early years working numerous jobs such as- Receptionist Real Estate Agent and as A Member service representative at various banks but she always had a secret passion for radio broadcasting and over the years did allot voice overs jingles and drops for couple radio stations In 1988 Cheryl joined an Caribbean  Artistic Dance Company named  Cheryl Bryon & Something Positive with Artistic Director Cheryl Bryon.

 Over the years Cheryl performed with this company performing African Folk Tales and play productions which she did excellent in because of her funny charismatic behavior that always made her stand out in the crowd  many of her friends considered her a people person she had no problem saying how she felt or what was on her mind.  Cheryl's passion for radio never left her she continued to do voice oves for radio stations and host numerous events as the host speaker few years later Cheryl eventually started posting her thoughts and ideas on Facebook  what she called "Real Talk Moment"  on issues that she felt needed to be addressed in one way or the other keeping positive with her thoughts after receiving positive feedback from family and friends it was at that moment Cheryl decided to peruse her career in an much different direction and launch her own internet radio show to let her voice be heard. This would not be an easy task for Cheryl with very little experience in radio broadcasting and her  background in Retail Banking Operations Customer Service and Business Management she became a bit intimidated wondering how can someone with this background become a radio host personality.

Cheryl stated her confidence was regained because she looked up to people over the years like radio host personality " Wendy Williams" and "Steve Harvey" and although Mr. Harvey came into radio later on she admired his struggle and the obstacles he overcame to get where he is today  Ms. Williams the "Diva" of radio she looked at the struggles she overcame and is now the "Diva" of daytime television of her very own show  "The Wendy Williams Show"  her  journey was not and easy one either but she never gave up and that made Cheryl realize that she too can  pursue her dreams once she continued to stay focus and hold on to her passion for radio.

In 2014 Cheryl finally decided to follow her passion to pursue her love for radio and on February 13th 2015 launched her very own Cheryl Taylor Show she now reaches an audience worldwide and dream one day to have her own daytime talk show televised another audience she hopes to captivate. The Cheryl Taylor Show is about: Promoting Various Artists/Entrepreneurs Community Events Caribbean Hip/Hop/R&B Music Entertainment News Fashion and Real Talk moment with Cheryl.

Born again Christian Cheryl Taylor mother of three explains her focus right now is on family and charity  at  age 45 Cheryl says

 I want to be a positive influence to people out there I believe we are all born with a gift from God I want to be able to explore my talents it's never to late despite what challenges or adversities we face in life  you can be one of two people in this world: A Spectator and just watch everything happen or be in the arena and make it happen  I choose to keep on inspiring my audience with words of encouragement and positiveness Cheryl continues to captivate her audience with her characteristic and funny behavior with a heavenly voice as her fans put it Cheryl says  we only have one time to run around this track of life how we decide to run it will determine how we are placed at the finish line.