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Cheryl a busy mother of three, a wife,  a seasoned actor/dancer, and the Founder and CEO of Organization, Soldiers for Change (, has now embarked on her latest ambitious project as the Radio Personality host of her own online show entitled the”Cheryl Taylor Show."

Cheryl, the oldest of four children was born and raised in Trinidad & Tobago, migrated to the United States in 1987 to further her education and pursue her passion for dance and theater. Cheryl spent most of her early years working numerous jobs such as a Receptionist, a Real Estate Agent and as a Manager/retail banking operations for several banking institutions while nursing a secret love of radio broadcasting. Over the ensuing years, Cheryl was very active in doing voice overs jingles and drops for a couple radio stations. In 1988 Cheryl joined a Caribbean Artistic Dance Company named  “Cheryl Byron & Something Positive” with Artistic Director Cheryl Byron thereby fulfilling her passion for dance and theater.

Cheryl eagerly welcomed the opportunity to host numerous events and to embrace the social medium of the Internet to post her thoughts and ideas on her “Facebook Page” which she called "Real Talk Moment" wherein she addressed the pertinent issues of the day. Cheryl then decided to take her career in an much different direction and launched her own internet radio show to let her voice be heard. 

Using the careers of such TV personalities as "Wendy Williams" and "Steve Harvey" as blueprints, Cheryl determined to pursue and realize her dream of a career in radio broadcasting. In February 13th 2015, Cheryl launched her very own online “Cheryl Taylor Show” with the potential of realizing a large-worldwide audience, and dreams of one day hosting her own televised daytime talk show. 

The focus of the Cheryl Taylor Show is centered around promoting Artists, Entrepreneurs, and Community Events, playing and discussing Caribbean, HipHop and R&B Music and Entertainment News, reviewing Fashion trends, and “Real Talk Moment” with Cheryl.

To quote born again Christian Cheryl Taylor in her own words:

          “I want to be a positive influence to people out there. I believe we are all born with a gift from God and I

           want to  explore my talents.  It's never to late, despite what challenges or adversities you face in life 

           to be one of two kinds of people in this world:  either a Spectator, and just watch everything happen, 

           or be an Activist in the arena, and make things happen.  I choose to keep on inspiring my audience with

           words of encouragement and positivity”.  

Cheryl continues to captivate her audience with her charismatic personality and  fascinating character and a voice that her many fans describe as heavenly.   

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