My Mental Health.

Greeting to all my Kings & Queens I am Cheryl Taylor from Chery Taylor "Night Chat: featured on Facebook, Youtube & Instagram. I am a single mother of three beautiful children, background in banking for over twenty years, while having a secret passion for radio, I started to follow my passion for radio by doing real talk on Facebook, followed by hosting MC events etc, I use my platform to inspire, educate, build, community, talk on social issues and the adversities/challenges we as women face each and every day.

During this time of COVID-19 I realized just how much stronger I am because I had to be for the sake of my family, but let me keep it real and say it is a daily struggle, at times I felt like my mental health was slipping away, who could I turn to? Well for me the answer was God, I know we all have some higher power that we all look up to but for me it was God, mental health is real for us as women our men and our children, I realized allot of things about myself and people during this uncertain times the main one being the "Economy is not my source" but GOD is because without me praying asking for strength, patience, will-power, I don't know what could of happen to me. For those of you who are feeling depressed, overwhelmed, tired, weak, feeling like you just can't go no more , I'm here to tell you that YOU ARE A QUEEN, and you are stronger than you think, HOLD ON!!!! YOU ARE THE VIBRATION OF YOUR SUCCESS. You Are Not Alone!!!! tap into that inner strength and rise above... because you are a true Queen. You are Strong, You are Blessed.....

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