Do I Stay Or Go

Often times in relationships we then to stay for various reasons at times it's not always the right one. I have witnessed that with my best friends, she is in an relationship going on five years I pray for her all the time hoping she gets the strength to leave, her man is abusive to her her abuse is not by hitting but by his Words, when she meet him he was not this way or so we all thought the first Red Light for me was when they had their first misunderstanding, where he called her a lying "BITCH" and that she don't know what a good man is, all because he felt disrespected on an situation that she spoke up about, where he was in fact wrong. Love is many thing but its not unkind is we who make Love unkind by our actions I told her, I also told her to leave him, but again I guess it was easier for me to say because I was not the one in Love with him.

Over a period of time his abuse got worst my best friend would call me crying her eyes out because of his abusive ways, he would tell her she is worthless, he don't know why he's with her, real hurtful things and then later on or the next day she would call me and say he apologized he did not mean the things he said. At One point my best friend asked me if she should stay or go, she said she tried but he kept reeling her back in with his sweet words and empty promises. I write this Blog because I want my best to know that she's not alone, I ask any woman out there who reads this to leave a comment of support for her, I do believe the choice to leave him must be hers. In the meantime Support is all I can give...

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